ARMANI’S AID: Giorgio Armani wrapped up a second successful year for his Acqua for Life charity, a partnership with Green Cross International that works to provide poor communities around the world with clean drinking water.

With more than 52 million liters (about 14 million gallons) collected, the charity far surpassed its 2012 goal of delivering 40 million liters (more than 10 million gallons) of water to Ghana and Bolivia. Green Cross International’s Smart Water for Green Schools program develops infrastructures that provide villages and schools in those countries with clean water.

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From March 1 to May 31, customers who bought a bottle of Armani’s Acqua di Giò or Acqua di Gioia fragrances donated the equivalent of 100 liters of drinking water (just more than 26 gallons), and Facebook fans who clicked “like” on the Acqua for Life page donated 50 liters each, or 13 gallons. Armani estimated that over 8 million liters (2 million gallons) of water came from 300,000 fans clicking on the Web.

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