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MARATHON MAN: While guests chilled out, sipping iced beer in the street outside Band of Outsiders’ end-of-presentation event Friday evening, the brand’s model continued to strike a pose in his window-cum-box, seemingly unphased by three days of confinement.

The party closed the Outsiders presentation, in which a single model spent three days boxed into the window of a gallery in Paris’ Marais district, changing into a different look from the brand’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection every 90 minutes.

He had been less at ease a day earlier, however, when temperatures in Paris rose into the mid-80s, Band of Outsiders’ creative director Scott Sternberg confided. “He was crouching down in the corner to get out of the sun,” said Sternberg, who nevertheless affirmed the model was perfectly well and happy after the experience.

Ubiquitous figures at many men’s wear events this week in Paris, L’Oréal heir and board member Jean-Victor Meyers and American actor Jesse Williams both turned up at the event. “It’s good to see them out of the U.S.,” Williams commented of the Californian brand – which is seeing growing notoriety in Europe – saying he particularly likes its wearable esthetic.

<p>Jean-Victor Meyers (right) and business partner Louis Leboiteux outside Band of Outsiders’ window presentation.</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

<p>Scott Sternberg with two looks from the collection.</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

<p>The unusual installation attracts the attention of passersby.</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

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