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READY, SET, COOK: An Italian theme infused the front row and immediate after party of Berluti’s spring show in Paris Friday night. The luxury men’s house organized a pasta cook-off (although Berluti was more elegant in its wording, calling the event “cocktail Al dente” in the invite), with teams of two showing off their culinary skills.
“We are the Batman and Robin of pasta,” mused actor Benn Northover, who took on aglio e olio with Dazed cofounder Jefferson Hack as his partner. Northover was excited about narrating his first movie, a two-hour-plus documentary on the life of Marlon Brando — “Marlon f–king Brando, and I’m telling the story,” enthused Northover, adding that the Arte production was slated to air this fall and would probably make a beeline for some festivals in the U.S.
Also sitting front row, but not cooking, was Michael Wincott. “I’m actually half Italian. My mother was from Piacenza and the picture of patience,” he said, adding a detailed description of her elegant technique for preparing homemade ravioli. “From her, I learned the esthetics of everything.”
The actor, who this year will play a gunslinger in Jon Cassar’s “Redemption” and “a pimp of sorts” in Michel Comte’s “The Girl from Nagasaki,” based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera “Madame Butterfly,” said he could not reveal any details about the movie he just wrapped with Terrence Malick, “Knight of Cups,” due to the director’s famously secretive ways.
“But I can tell you this: It was the most liberating experience I have had in 40 years as an actor,” he said. “Terrence writes something and says: ‘Just go, now play!’ And you play, and you feel free.”

<p>Jefferson Hack and Ben Northover</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maître

<p>Benn Northover and Michael Wincott</p>

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<p>Victor Cruz and Elaine Watley</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maître

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