FOR ART: Costume National has turned its Web site into an artist’s canvas. Since September, the Italian fashion brand has given pop culture connoisseurs — including fashion blogger Susie Lau, architect and photographer Sergei Sviatchenko and photographer Jonas Lindström — free range on


The latest to take a crack at the site is Toilet Paper, an image-centric magazine founded by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. Combining photos, videos, graphics and music, the Web page as presented by Toilet Paper is a collage of colorful, occasionally provocative, postings.

“Art and advertising are little girls who beg us to play with them,” Cattelan and Ferrari said. “With Costume National, I entered the Web in the Nineties, among the first in fashion, and I’ve always experienced it as a rich territory for research, experimentation, discussion and communication,” added Ennio Capasa, co-founder and creative director at Costume National. “With this project, Toilet Paper enters in Costume National’s territory with energy, color and intensity.”

A capsule collection of five t-shirts and a bomber jacket, each with printed images selected by Toilet Paper, will soon be available.

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