DENIM DUO: More than a year after departing from Current/Elliott, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are writing the next chapter for their denim career. Along with photographer Hilary Walsh, the stylists-turned-designers are releasing an homage to blue jeans, published by Rizzoli New York, in March. Titled “A Denim Story: Inspirations from Bellbottoms to Boyfriends,” the picture book is the antithesis to the sexy, smoldering image often associated with California denim brands. It’s also not a primer on trends. Rather, the vintage-tinted tome is “what we find inspirational and what we find charming in denim,” Current said.

That covers everything from Current’s favorite black-and-white photo of Marilyn Monroe lifting barbells while wearing glamorous make-up, men’s dungarees and a bikini top, to a sunlit model in high-waisted jeans and a white cape festooned with feathers. “The freedom that comes with wearing denim, you can conquer the world and go place to place — that’s a beautiful depiction of that,” said Elliott of the caped crusader. Walsh, who shot the majority of the photos, even makes an appearance in an all-denim outfit with her baby son, who’s in the buff. “We just wanted to do something outside of working on a brand together,” Walsh said. “We wanted something super-creative that didn’t have a deadline.”

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