FRIENDS IN NEED: Hurricane Sandy left Erickson Beamon’s headquarters, Seventh House PR and Showroom Seven with an estimated $5 million in damages, according to Mandie Erickson. The work space she shares with her mother Karen in Chelsea is located at 263 11th Avenue between 27th and 28th street.

Monday’s superstorm flooded Erickson Beamon’s area with more than five feet of water, and soaked Showroom Seven’s administrative office and shipping department as well. Mandie Erickson said via email Wednesday, “We have no [running] water, power or cellphone service downtown and our building is a mess.”

She and her mother Karen’s friend Elie Tahari offered to get a pump to clear out the water and a generator to help get the power moving again because the building’s management was too slow with recovery effort. “And we want to save as much as we can,” said Mandie Erickson, noting that she and her mother are staying uptown with friends during the clean-up.

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