PARIS AT WORK — AND CHARITY: No one closes down a city block in Los Angeles as quickly as Paris Hilton. The heiress’ brief appearance at Kitson on Thursday to promote the launch of her namesake line resulted in the police closing off an entire block of Robertson Boulevard within 15 minutes of the event starting. Hundred of fans and lookiloos lined up on the block, eager to meet (or at least catch a glimpse of) the starlet.

Meanwhile, Hilton was already holding court inside the store, dressed in a tight, short tank dress covered in gold paillettes from the Paris Hilton Collection, a moderately priced line manufactured by Dollhouse that will be carried in Macy’s and Nordstrom stores, among others. “I love fashion and I worked really, really hard on this line,” Hilton said. “The collection is straight from my closet — it’s very me. I really like when clothes say something.”

Hilton arrived before the event began with six teenagers suffering from cancer who are being treated at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. The starlet outfitted the teens from head-to-toe in the new collection, and 20 percent of sales from the collection at Kitson were donated to the hospital.

“The difference between this line and other celebrity lines is that [Hilton] is out there,” said Deke Jamieson, senior vice president of marketing for Dollhouse. “She’s rolling around the stores, she’s wearing the line and she’s working her tail off.”

DRIVEN JETER: Derek Jeter proved just how driven he is both on and off the field Thursday at fragrance oil house Givaudan, where Avon revealed his second fragrance, Driven Black. The new woody oriental scent was designed to capture another side of the star Yankee shortstop. “The first fragrance was more for daytime with a fresh and energizing scent. This is a little warmer and more intriguing,” said Jeter. He described his experience developing the fragrance, smelling each of the different scents and deciding what he liked and disliked. In the process, he learned to sniff coffee beans in between smelling sessions to cleanse his nose palette. “I seem like a nerd for knowing that, sitting there smelling beans in the living room. But it’s definitely been a fun experience.”

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