FREEZE FRAME: As guests struggled to reach the faraway location of the Agnès B. men’s show Sunday because of heavy snowfall in the French capital, diminutive Russian actress Dinara Droukarova said she didn’t really understand the fuss.

“They’re Latin people here, they don’t know what snow is!” she laughed. “Everything stops.” Droukarova, who stars in Michael Haneke’s acclaimed “Amour,” currently in theatres, said her connection with designer Agnès Troublé goes back to childhood. “She edited a film I was in when I was 10 years old, “’Freeze Die Come to Life,’” she explained.

Closing the show to the sound of a beat-box number by Paulo Goude – who also walked the runway – French Olympic judo champion Teddy Riner, sporting a Roman crown, carved an imposing presence with his gigantesque frame.

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