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BIBLE CLASS: French singer Keren Ann has been reading the Bible – but not for the reasons you might think. “It’s the best fiction of all time. I think that nothing has been written since in a better way, whether it’s in terms love, fraternity, sex, crime,” she enthused at the Alexandre Vauthier couture show Monday. Ann is such a fan of Psalm 101, she had the number tattooed on her inside wrist, and also titled her new album “101.” While she is preparing for its release in Europe next month, the singer is working on pop opera “Red Waters” with Bardi Johansson, the other half of the duo Lady & Bird. French actress Clotilde Hesme has been crisscrossing France for advance showings of “Angèle et Tony,” which hits screens Wednesday, and said audiences had responded well to the emotional tale by first-time director Alix Delaporte. “It’s a relief to see a French auteur film that is not boring and above all, not wordy. There’s very little talking,” Hesme said.

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