OF THE MOMENT: Patti Smith took a break from a week-long cycle of performances and readings in Paris to take in her friend Ann Demeulemeester’s men’s wear show.


“It’s been going fantastic,” she said, ahead of Saturday night’s finale, a live performance of her seminal album “Horses.” Smith’s longtime guitarist Lenny Kaye said much of the program, which also included homages to photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, was improvised. “We usually got it together the afternoon of the show,” he said. “She has a general idea on how to approach it and how each evening will be, but we also believe very much in the spirit of the moment.”


Smith is recording her next album, which she hopes to release this spring, but was not ready to reveal its title. “I’m old fashioned, I like to keep these things secret,” she said. Italian folk rock band Casa del Vento appear on a couple of tracks, Kaye revealed. “We just have to find time to keep Patti in one place long enough so we can finish it, but it’s a really good record.


It’s very adventurous and takes us to a lot of places that we’ve never been before,” he added.

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