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DARK MATTER: Leaden skies over Paris greeted “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart as she arrived at Thursday morning’s Balenciaga show. “Yeah, I guess I’m used to them,” she said with a smile.

The actress, who fronts Balenciaga’s Florabotanica scent, said she’s still hunting for her next film project, but if she had her druthers, it would be a screen adaptation of “Lie Down in Darkness,” a novel by William Styron about a dysfunctional family. “It’s hard to get a movie like that made nowadays,” said the petite star, dressed in a yellow biker jacket and printed black jeans.

Chiara Mastroianni wore an unfortunate new accessory at the show: a cast on her left hand, as she recently broke a finger. The injury hasn’t held up filming of her next movie, “The Bastards,” a revenge tale by French director Claire Denis. “I hide it. I put it in my coat,” she said of her wounded hand. “I have good painkillers. You get used to pain. Look, I’m wearing high heels,” she laughed.

Amira Casar is about to sink her teeth into a juicy role. “A real bitch,” is how she described her “very complex” character in a forthcoming film by “Goodbye Lenin!” director Wolfgang Becker.

Salma Hayek said she’s wrapping up a promotional tour for “Here Comes the Boom,” due out in the U.S. on Oct. 12. The film, also starring Kevin James, is about a public teacher who literally fights to save its music program by becoming a martial-arts contestant.

<p>Kristen Stewart</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

<p>Amira Casar</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

<p>François-Henri Pinault, Kristen Stewart and Salma Hayek</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

<p>Chiara Mastroianni</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugere

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