ARMED AND READY: Actress Julie Benz had an early start to catch Bibhu Mohapatra’s 9 a.m. show Wednesday. Attending her first fashion week, the former model was enjoying her new perspective. “It’s fun to watch the show from this side,” she said. “I knew modeling wasn’t my thing. I had a lot of personality and I knew I had to funnel that toward something more appropriate.”

The thespian just wrapped up shooting “Supremacy” with Danny Glover, a film that is based on an actual incident where white supremacists held a family hostage. As for whether she had any concerns about how audiences might react given some of the graver shootings of the past year, Weixler said. “Rather than providing a gum-riddled film, you could even look at this as a gun control-based film because it as based on something that really happened.

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