On the Burberry front row, fellow men’s wear ambassadors Tinie Tempah and newbie DJ Nick Grimshaw were both sporting matching fur collared coats “his and hers,” he said. “I’m the him and Tinie’s the her.” So what did Tinie make of that? “I’m going to beat him up when I find him,” he laughed. Grimshaw has been getting to grips with his new ambassadorial status attending as many shows as possible. Was he tempted by a spot of modeling? “No. I’ve got back fat,” he deadpanned, but did admit to the odd back seat of the car wardrobe change. For the record, “a jean to a cord” en route to Burberry.

“Twilight” star turned Burberry model Jamie Campbell Bower admitted he was still “quite a child.” How so? “When the models are walking in front of you, sometimes I want to stick my legs out and trip them up…”

Otherwise it was back to work for the rest of the frow. Burberry Rhythm face Suki Waterhouse was “getting back into the swing of things” following a Christmas spent in Paris, while her co-star George Barnett was Milan bound to walk for Gucci and Prada. Following a new year spent in the Maldives, warbler Paloma Faith was gearing up for the launch of her new album, “The Perfect Contradiction.” So was her newly blond hair part of a new season look? “No! I got a suntan so I didn’t want to look like a carrot,” she said. “It’s going back to orange ASAP!”

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