TIME OUT: While actor Michael Pitt was shielded by bodyguards as he tried to get to his seat at the Calvin Klein show on Sunday, Henrik Lundqvist was happily signing autographs. It’s chill-out time for him, he said. “The first couple of weeks after a season you try to relax, so I’m hanging out with friends and family back in Sweden,” explained the New York Rangers goaltender. “But I will start working out next week.”

His routine consists of gym and a lot of tennis, he divulged. “Tennis is great for my legs and back, and then I start skating end of July.”

Meanwhile, Jack Savoretti was happy to talk about the inspiration behind his new album, “Before the Storm.” “It’s about growing up, looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing you are one of those people you are criticizing all your life,” the sympathetic Italo-English folk singer explained, noting that he was touring through Europe this summer before kicking off his U.S. tour in October.

Later that evening, Lundqvist, Savoretti and Pitt headed to a dinner that Calvin Klein execs threw in an Art Nouveau building located within Milan’s Spanish walls.

<p>Justin Theroux </p>

Photo By: Piero Cristaldi

<p>Victor Cruz and wife </p>

Photo By: Davide Maestri

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