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FRANCISCO’S TRIO: Amy Adams was backstage at the Calvin Klein Collection runway show in New York on Thursday, in town from the Toronto Film Festival, where she was promoting Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master.” The film deals largely in cults of personality and grand visions, phenomena not entirely alien to the fashion world.

“One of my favorite parts about getting to wear all of these amazing clothes is meeting the designers and the design team,” the actress said of the parallel. “Their vision is always so amazing and then to come see it as conceived and on these models. They’re so beautiful and sort of alien proportions…for me, because I’m five foot four. I just love watching them parade down looking effortlessly beautiful.”

A little while later, Adams’ seatmate, Emma Stone, entered the backstage fracas. Camera flashes enveloped the pair.

“I feel like I’ve only ever met you under circumstances like this,” Stone said as they exchanged greetings.

“I’ve met her once before, and it was at the Met Ball and it was full action, like: ‘Hi, great to meet you. Everyone is taking pictures of everyone,’” Stone said, all smiles, as Adams was examining the racks of clothes that lined the room. It was Stone’s second consecutive season taking in the show, though she still wasn’t quite accustomed to the scene.

“The show part is really interesting,” she said. “The backstage world is not anything that I’m used to. This is my third fashion show ever. It’s just there’s, like, a lot of flashes and a lot of people and a lot of models, who are like anomalies of people. It’s like you’re in a lucid dream, like you’re in ‘Vanilla Sky.’”

By then, model-turned-actress Diane Kruger, a third light in the show’s high wattage front row, was amid the crowd. The trio posed for photographers and chatted up a slightly antsy Francisco Costa as showrunners began to make their final calls.

“I’m too short, I was never a big runway girl,” Kruger explained of returning to the backstage scene. “It’s exciting yet at the same time it’s not a world I miss per se as a model, because I get to do it. I get to do pictures….Literally I get the best of both worlds.”

After a few more minutes backstage, the three actresses walked out toward their seats, where more photographers awaited.

<p>Rooney Mara and Emma Stone</p>

Photo By: Steve Eichner

<p>Emma Stone</p>

Photo By: Steve Eichner

<p>Rooney Mara</p>

Photo By: Steve Eichner

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