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WWDStyle issue 02/18/2011

About 15 minutes before the Calvin Klein women’s show on Thursday, a crowd of show runners stood in a circle for final instruction. “Can I take a picture and tweet it?” Kerry Washington asked a p.r. person for the brand. After gaining approval, the actress lifted up her BlackBerry and snapped a photo. “I am new to it,” Washington explained of tweeting. “Like four months ago I got on. I actually got on to promote films specifically. The studios asked me to. But it’s been fun. It’s been interesting.”

So was there any hesitation?

“Of course there was,” she said. “There was enormous hesitation to be on Twitter.…I don’t really tweet about my personal life; that’s a little weird for me personally. But I feel like it’s fun to let people into the behind-the-scenes part of what we do.”

A few minutes later, Kate Bosworth and Zoe Saldana walked in. “It’s like going back through the bowels of the ballet and then coming out on the stage,” Bosworth said. “You kind of appreciate it more because it’s so much work.”

Saldana took a moment to relay the reaction to her recent Calvin Klein commercial campaign, which featured her in her underwear and little else, a kind of anti-runway show. “I think the guys dug it, which was pretty cool,” she said, laughing. “I hope they just go out and buy Calvin for their girlfriends and it just stays there.”

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