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DYNASTY REDUX: London mayor Boris Johnson wasn’t the only front-row guest causing a stir at Caroline Charles’ show on Friday.

Joan Collins was there with her husband Percy Gibson, chatting up her upcoming makeover show, “Joan does Glamour,” in which she shows average British women how to dress up like women did in her heyday.

She also mused aloud about doing her own rtw line. “I should do. Everyone’s been asking about my clothes,” said Collins, who was dressed in a sparkly trilby and a leopard print blouse.

Charles’ collection, meanwhile, was filled with breezy chiffon kaftans printed with blue and green tropical flowers and black-and-white floral print shift dresses. Charles said she’d taken her design cues from “the late 1950s,” and “floating to a party down the Amazon.” “My first thought was that we should have fun,” said the designer.

<p>Joan Collins</p>

Photo By: Giovanni Giannoni

<p>Boris Johnson</p>

Photo By: Giovanni Giannoni

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