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SOCCER MANIA: World Cup madness is reaching a fever pitch, not least with the fashion flock.
“It’s an amazing World Cup, one of the best,” gushed actor Saïd Taghmaoui prior to the Cerruti 1881 show in Paris on Friday. “There’s amazing emotion, unbelievable players, unbelievable talent, unbelievable – everything.”
He’s rooting for France, Algeria, Belgium, Argentina and Brazil.
“I have a lot of backups, in case,” said Taghmaoui, also in town on tour for “Transformers 4” after having just finished a BBC mini-series with James Nesbitt based on the disappearance of young Maddie McCann in Portugal.
Taghmaoui was seated next to Chicago Bulls’ shooting guard Jimmy Butler, who was about to take in his first fashion show. Butler said his World Cup favorites were the U.S. and Brazil.
“If we don’t believe that we’re going to win, we’re never going to win, right? So – we’re going to win,” said Hugo Becker emphatically of his home team, France.
Among various acting projects, he has not only just finished a TV movie called “Où es-tu maintenant?” (or “Where Are You Now?”) but Becker directed his first short film, lasting 20 minutes, titled “The Emergency to be Alive.”
“It was amazing; I’d love to do more,” he said.
Another France enthusiast was Raphaël Personnaz.
“We can do something really huge,” he said, adding during the World Cup season, “I love the spirit in the streets.”
Personnaz, who just wrapped three movies, most recently has been rehearsing for an upcoming production of “Les Cartes du Pouvoir” (or “House of Cards”) in Paris’ Théâtre Hébertot.

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