WHOOPING IT UP: Try as she did to keep a low profile at Wednesday’s Chado Ralph Rucci show, Whoopi Goldberg attracted a bevy of well-wishers. The actress was at the show with her pal André Leon Talley (and she was dressed like him, too, in an oversize white linen caftanish top.) Goldberg hesitated to discuss a few projects that are in the hopper, but one she is excited about centers on the “incredibly funny black comedian” Moms Mabley, who died in 1975.

Before the show, Marcus Samuelsson was among the admirers who popped over to Goldberg for a quick hello. Obviously it wasn’t another ordinary Wednesday afternoon. “Normally, if you go to the park, you don’t get this many people with cameras,” she said. “But this is fun. This is the kind of place where people might say, ‘I may not like your politics, but I’m happy to see you. That makes me happy.”

“That’s because you bring them great pleasure,” offered her seatmate Deeda Blair.

“Sometimes I’m told I give them great pain,” Goldberg replied.

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