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HEAD-ON: Marisa Berenson is having a flashback. The veteran model is revisiting her life in pictures for a coffee-table book, with art direction by Steven Meisel, due to be published by Rizzoli in September. “It’s actually a very moving, emotional process,” she said at the Christian Dior couture show Monday. Berenson is helping to organize exhibitions in Paris, New York, Milan and London to coincide with the publication of the tome.

Hélène de Fougerolles also is tackling emotional material: mother-daughter relationships. The French actress recently made her directing debut with “Maman,” a short film she also wrote and starred in. “It’s partly about my mother, who can be quite a piece of work. How shall I put it? She has been called a dragon at times,” she said.

Audrey Marnay has been plunging into a painful chapter in history for her role in a made-for-television movie about Spanish writer and politician Jorge Semprún, which focuses on the period after his return from World War II concentration camp Buchenwald. “I play the young woman he meets when he returns to Paris, and they try to fall in love,” she explained.

Stella Tennant, meanwhile, confessed to feeling nervous ahead of a photo shoot Tuesday. “I’m going to be doing some interesting nudes with Matthew Stone tomorrow after the Chanel show. That’s for a Visionaire project, which is kind of challenging for me. I didn’t realize there were no clothes involved,” she said.

<p>Hélène de Fougerolles</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

<p>Audrey Marnay</p>

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<p>Marisa Berenson</p>

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<p>Stella Tennant</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

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