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HOT TO TROT: English model and socialite Daisy Lowe was sizzling at Dolce & Gabbana on Sunday – and not because of her red leopard-print HotPants. “I’m boiling,” she said, a furry red coat draped around her shoulders. Fellow Brit Peaches Geldof, who is still moonlighting for Nylon Magazine, said she wasn’t tempted to start her own blog. “I’m far too disorganized,” she said, adding rather, she was about to begin acting lessons in L.A. 
Lola Lennox, daughter of singer Annie Lennox, said she’s studying to be a soprano and has embarked on a four-year course in classical singing at the Royal Academy of Music in London. “I just started three weeks ago. I know I’ll have my work cut out,” she said. Little sister Tali Lennox, meanwhile, made her runway debut at C’N’C Costume National on Tuesday. “I thought I’d be very nervous but it went okay,” said Tali, who sparkled in a gold Dolce number she described as a “mix between a (Ferrero) Rocher wrapper and something Edwardian.” 
Meanwhile, up-and-coming actress Margareth Madé said she is gearing up to play Sophia Loren in a TV biopic based on novel by Loren’s sister, Maria Scicolone. “She is grand, incredibly charismatic and so elegant,” said Madé of Loren. While flattered to be compared to Loren for her looks, Madé said: “I hope I have some of her talent, too.”

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