CALM NERVES, UNCROSSED LEGS: Douglas Hannant looked nervous as he was being interviewed by a TV camera crew backstage just minutes before his runway show at the New York Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center on Wednesday. “Oh no, I’ve been doing this too long to be nervous,” he said. “I would be nervous,” said CeCe Cord, who was sitting in the audience. “I would be having a Bette Davis. You know, a Bette Davis breakdown.” Hillary Geary Ross, who was sitting next to Cord and recently published “New York, New York,” revealed the title of her next project, “Palm Beach, Palm Beach.” It’s a place Hannant knows a lot about, having opened a seasonal store there. “You could do London,” Cord said. “Or Paris.” “That would be fun,” said Geary. Just then, the lights dimmed and a deep, disembodied voice spoke from the front of the room: “Please uncross your legs.” Cue laughter — and uncrossed legs.

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