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EDUN’S APPLE A DAY: Alicia Keys’ upcoming album is “Girl on Fire” but she looked cool as can be dressed all in white with black sunglasses at Saturday’s Edun show. Last month the musician hosted the Women Vote 2012 summit for the Obama campaign and she will soon be stumping again. As for whether musicians should be more involved with politics, she said, “Anyone should speak out when you believe in something but it has to be what you believe in. I do believe with musicians, actors and artists, it is kind of a natural transition because they connect with a lot of people,” Keys said.

A self-described “big supporter” of President Obama, Keys said he really understands women’s issues and is doing everything he can to make sure women have a place in government and society. “We can’t be taken back to the dark ages. I support him for what he does and what he plans to do,” Keys said.

In a crowd that included Michael Stipe, Tom Freston and The Strokes, Gina Gershon said she planned to also catch the Skaist-Taylor, Charlotte Ronson and Zac Posen shows. “I just go to my friend’s shows,” said Gershon, wearing a black Edun dress. Her book, “How I Found My Pussy and Lost My Mind,” will be out in two weeks. “It’s sort of a memoir. It’s about finding love,” the actress said.

Ali Hewson lived up to her Edun label’s self-sustaining ways by setting up a farm stand for Breezy Hill Orchard outside her West 33rd Street venue Saturday. As guests grabbed any of an abundance of apples, cider and donuts, they were asked to help save the Stone Ridge, N.Y., orchard.

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