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FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Proving that style may be hereditary, a number of glittering offspring filled the front row at the Elie Saab show Wednesday, among them the Brant brothers, Anouchka Delon and Tallulah Harlech. When asked whether it was more of a burden or blessing having such a famous father (Alain Delon), Delon junior, who is about to embark on a European tour with the play “Une Journée Ordinaire” (or “An Ordinary Day,” in English), said: “It opens up a lot of doors, but then again the expectations are so much higher, which isn’t so easy.”

Harlech, who is filming “Spite & Malice: Rules to Filmmaking,” which is loosely based on Lucian Freud, said she occasionally gets to borrow clothes from the wardrobe of her mother Amanda Harlech, the longtime muse and collaborator of Karl Lagerfeld, “only under strict supervision. She can even tell if I’ve gone into her tights drawer and borrowed a pair of Wolford stockings; she is meticulous.”

Further down the aisle, actresses Marie-Josée Croze and Clotilde Courau chatted about their latest projects. Croze said she’s about to head to Montreal to shoot Denys Arcand’s “Deux Nuits” (or “Two Nights”). “I heard it’s minus-30 over there, so wish me luck,” she said, with a shiver. Courau has been preparing a special homage to Edith Piaf to mark the 50th anniversary of the legendary singer’s death. “L’Etre Intime” (or “The Intimate Self”), which is to be staged at Paris’ Le Tarmac theater later this year, will see the actress, accompanied by an accordion player, read 12 love letters written by Piaf to a mystery man named Tony.

“She was a very complex woman. She had a dark side, but also this incredible light. Right through to the end she had the twinkling eyes of a five-year-old girl. She was very much a punk, just like Amy Winehouse and all those kinds of singers since,” said Courau. “No matter what she went through, she had faith. Hers really was a message of love.”


Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

<p>Chantal Thomass</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

<p>Elie Saab and Olivia Ruiz</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

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