PUBLIC AND PRIVATE: Is Giorgio Armani finally considering a public listing of his giant fashion company? Not yet, but asked after his Emporio show whether the success of Moncler’s listing last month could trigger an initial public offering of his own firm, the designer conceded: “Every time I see a newly public company do so well, the idea does tantalize me.”


However, Armani was vague about any concrete desire to approach the stock market, referencing a number of possible reasons for an entrepreneur looking at a listing. “I wonder what [Remo Ruffini, chairman and creative director of Moncler] has in mind. Maybe a Privé line?” he said.


Armani also addressed the issue of creating a foundation. “I am evaluating this possibility very carefully, but the time at my disposal for such an important thing is not what I would want,” he said. “I should have more information and be more reassured, I don’t want to leave problems [behind me].”


Armani talked about finally joining the Italian Chamber of Fashion and its new chief executive, Jane Reeve, dubbing her the “iron lady.” “She has a lot of work on her hands. We are talking about an industry where not only the value of each brand is at stake — it’s one of the most prestigious in the world and a serious business that creates work.”


Actor Luke Evans, who took in the show, said he was prepping for the lead role in the remake of the 1994 film “The Crow.” “I am training, rehearsing, lowering my body fat and changing shape. I am getting paid to stay fit — and off the back of Christmas,” laughed Evans, who most recently starred as Dracula in “Dracula Untold,” due out in October.


Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

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Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

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