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MUSICAL INTERLUDES: “I always look at the work of fashion designers as if they were art,” famed Indian music conductor Zubin Mehta said before the Emporio Armani show, his first ever. Mehta said he “would love” to work with Armani on costumes for an opera. “But we haven’t talked about it yet,” he was quick to point out.

The maestro was expected to direct Arnold Schönberg and Igor Stravinskij works on Friday night, as part of the MiTo music festival, and then move on to Turin and other Italian cities over the following days. “It’s very demanding, I don’t know if many other conductors would have taken the time to go to a fashion show,” he demurred.

American singer Chrysta Bell had performed live at Milanese Teatro Parenti on Wednesday night. “It’s my first time in Milan,” she said. “This is the only time on tour with a few days off. It was a magical alignment.” After the short Italian break, Bell, who has a record coming out in January, will be traveling to Croatia to perform.

<p>Christof Innerhofer</p>

Photo By: Davide Maestri

<p>Sam Claflin </p>

Photo By: Davide Maestri

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