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MADE IN ITALY: Giorgio Armani went for an all-Italian VIP scene for his signature show on Saturday, his front row lined by TV presenters Ilaria D’Amico and Francesco Facchinetti, brother of former Valentino designer Alessandra, and writers and actors Filippo Timi and Giorgio Faletti. Heartthrob Raoul Bova was also there. The actor, set to return to Italian TV in October in a spy mini-series called “Intelligence,” said he was also reading for a part in a 3D horror movie to be directed by Mikael Salomon. “I would be playing the classic Italo-American,” Bova related. “I just hope I don’t get killed off. This could be the start of a series.” Just before kicking off her tour through Sicily, L’Opera’s star ballerina Eleonora Abbagnato took a week’s holiday in Capri. “This is the equivalent of a month for a dancer,” she smiled. Film director Marco Bellocchio, whose movie on Benito Mussolini’s son premiered at the Cannes film festival last month, likened a fashion show to a performance before discussing past movies on the fashion world. Could Bellocchio be tempted to do a movie on the subject, too?

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