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YOU’RE TOAST: Guests at the John Galliano men’s show Friday didn’t have to wear a fur coat to feel the heat. “You could fry a chicken in these lights,” exclaimed one guest, pointing at the electric heating bars that lit the dank warehouse venue. Japanese model and actress Lika Minamoto also had food on the mind. Minamoto, best known as the face of Kenzo Flower perfume, is flying to Bangkok in March to take cooking classes in preparation for shooting “Cooktales,” a story about a “Masterchef”-style competition that will also star Michelle Yeoh. “I can cook Japanese food and Italian, but I get much more pleasure from making cookies and cakes,” she giggled. Minamoto works off the extra calories by dancing. “If I don’t eat, I can get depressed,” she shrugged.

Australian singer Sam Sparro, sporting a vividly patterned Galliano coat, was getting ready for the release of his new album, “Return to Paradise,” in April. “I was feeling really nostalgic for better times in the past, and just different sounds from the past. I really love Seventies and Eighties disco, funk and soul music,” he said. “Pop music and pop culture has become so aggressive and everyone is so desensitized. It’s hard to even shock people anymore, so I thought, if I’m not going to shock anybody, I’m just going to make beautiful music.”

<p>Lika Minamoto</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

<p>Lou Lesage</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

<p>Sam Sparro</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

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