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CHANGING ROLES: The front row at the John Galliano men’s wear show looked like a casting call of young French heartthrobs. It turns out that is exactly what Pierre Boulanger plays in the romantic comedy “Monte Carlo,” in which he stars alongside Leighton Meester and Selena Gomez. So which of the young ladies does his character woo? “Selena Gomez. I would have preferred Leighton, but you know, you don’t always get to choose,” he said, proving that French gallantry may be dead, after all. 

Theo Frilet was about to embark on a three-month shoot in Cambodia, playing the lead in a period drama set during the Indochina Wars. “I hope they’re going to change the title, because it’s heavy and pompous. It’s called: ‘Indochina: Love’s Labour’s Lost,’” he sighed.

Andy Gillet will be staying in Paris, where shooting starts this summer on “La comtesse de Varsovie,” a story of a young man and his aging grandmother, played by veteran French performer Line Renaud. Arnaud Valois will also be testing his chops opposite an industry legend: He plays a press spokesman in “Les yeux de sa mère,” which also stars Catherine Deneuve.

While the boys were only too happy to share their plans, Alysson Paradis was coy about her upcoming movie and play. “It’s a comedy, and it’s very funny,” is all she would say of the latter.

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