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THREE COLORS BLUE: It was a festival of chiseled jaws at the Louis Vuitton men’s show in Paris on Thursday, which drew fashion followers ranging from Victor Cruz to Luke Evans.

Representing Asia were Chinese actor and singer Chen Kun and his Taiwanese counterpart Ko Chen-tung, also known as Kai Ko.

Ko is preparing for the release next month of “Tiny Times 3,” the third movie based on the best-selling novels by Guo Jingming focusing on the trials and tribulations of four women in Shanghai. By now, the castmates are all familiar and rib each other on set, he said through an interpreter.

“A lot of time, it’s a lot of mocking,” said the svelte actor, adding he has been labeled “chubby” by castmates. “Compared to the ladies,” Ko clarified.

Austrian actor Elyas M’Barek will also star with a mostly female cast in “Traumfrauen” (“Dream Women”), which starts filming next month. “I’m always excited to be surrounded by strong, beautiful women,” he said, adding that his dream woman is no wallflower.

“Humor is always a good thing about women. Humor and self-assurance — I love it. And a certain style, you know. I like well-dressed women and men as well, so I like people with taste,” said M’Barek, looking dapper himself in a blue snakeskin suede bomber jacket.

Nick Grimshaw was on a lightning visit to Paris before heading to the Glastonbury Festival on Friday. The BBC Radio 1 presenter confessed to having a hair fixation, as evidenced by his Twitter posts.

“I constantly touch it and mess with it, so I guess so — I think it must be an obsession of mine,” he mused. “I don’t have very good hair now, because I was just on a motorbike.”

Jérémie Laheurte, shielding his eyes behind yellow-mirror lenses, said he was taking language lessons in preparation for his first shoot in English opposite Christopher Plummer and Eric Roberts.

Titled “A Dream Last Night,” it’s an adaptation of “The Dare,” a short story by “On the Waterfront” screenwriter Budd Schulberg.

“It’s a film about dreams. It’s very fanciful — it’s hard to explain in a nutshell,” said the French actor, who rose to fame in the award-winning “Blue Is the Warmest Color.”

<p>Luke Evans and Jon Kortajarena</p>

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<p>Chen Kun</p>

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<p>Elyas M’Barek</p>

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<p>Jérémie Laheurte</p>

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<p>Kai Ko</p>

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<p>Nick Grimshaw</p>

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<p>Victor Cruz</p>

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