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FASHION FOCUS: Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has fashion on her mind. Sitting front row at Maison Martin Margiela Friday evening, the artist revealed that she will be associating her face with a brand in the New Year, but she’s keeping the brand’s identity under wraps. Comparing the tie-in with her 2012 stint promoting Levi’s, she said: “It’s a little bit more high fashion.”


On the music front, Azalea has been busy, too. She has a collaboration coming out with Sean Paul next week that’s “a little bit left of center,” and will begin touring Australia with Rihanna later in October before launching her new album early in 2014.


Coco Rocha, meanwhile, sporting her newly cropped do, will be “playing around in a show” on Saturday, she said, adding: “I’m not telling you which one. You have to go to all of them and see.” Could it be Jean Paul Gaultier, for whom the former Celtic step dancer jigged down the runway in 2007?


Chinese actress Xiong Naijin said she was about to begin working on a movie shot entirely in Europe with a European and Chinese crew, and will release an indie pop album next month. Asked whether like so many of her multitasking compatriot starlets she will also turn to modeling, she noted: “I’m too short.”

<p>Coco Rocha</p>

Photo By: Pascal Therme

<p>Iggy Azalea</p>

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<p>Xiong Naijin</p>

Photo By: Pascal Therme

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