FIFTEEN SECONDS: Among the collegiate street-wear Mark McNairy sent out Tuesday afternoon at Eyebeam in Manhattan was a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Jim F—— Moore.” The line was a reference to the creative director of GQ magazine, who just happened to be sitting in the front row, and immediately became, after some nervous snickering, the subject of several Instagram shots. Was it a joke? A respectful shout-out? McNairy said the shirt was part of a series he’s been doing for years.

“Obviously it all started with Kenny F—— Powers. Then Kenny F—— Rogers,” McNairy said over e-mail, dragging out the list a bit longer. “All badasses in my book.”

Moore, who was joined in the front row by the ubiquitous Victor Cruz, himself Instagrammed the T-shirt. 

“I was shocked and honored,” Moore said later. “I’m so seriously involved in what I’m seeing, that it caught me by surprise and provided a light hearted moment during the show. Mark always has something clever up his sleeve.”

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