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GIRLS ON FILM: Guests at the Miu Miu show in Paris on Wednesday included Lena Dunham, who recently wrapped filming on season three of her hit TV show “Girls.” While Dunham was mum on plot details, she said character Hannah Horvath’s style will evolve.

“I made a decision that Hannah was going to wear more pants. I’m not going to say they’re flattering pants, but she’s moving in a more ‘Annie Hall’ direction, and in a less Mormon housewife direction,” she said.

The 27-year-old shrugged off criticism of the floral Prada gown she wore to the Emmys last week. “I just find the whole process joyful, and I find it kind of funny if anyone’s been offended by my outfit,” she said. “That Emmy dress was a real dream, and I’ll stand by it always. And maybe force my daughter to wear it to her prom.”

Joining her in the front row were Dianna Agron, Gabrielle Union, Michelle Dockery, Rashida Jones, Lupita Nyong’o, Imogen Poots and Agathe Bonitzer.

Agron and Poots are tipped to star together in “Pretenders,” the story of a love triangle set in the early Eighties. Agron said it was too early to discuss the project but was happy to talk Eighties style.

“I was born in 1986, so my first four years were a lot of leggings, a lot of side-tied T-shirts. I think my favorite outfit was these leggings that had cheetah spots, and it was pink, purple and teal, and this white shirt with this little side bangle,” she said.

Union said her BET television show “Being Mary Jane” will make its debut on Jan. 7, and she recently completed a comedy directed by and starring Chris Rock. Union will also be seen next year in the sequel to “Think Like a Man,” in which her character, Kristen, will try to get pregnant.

Jones is also having a baby — or rather, her character Ann Perkins on “Parks and Recreation” is. “I’m doing a lot of growing and changing,” she said of the new season. On the movie front, the daughter of Quincy Jones brushed up her dancing skills for “Cuban Fury,” which features scenes of competitive salsa dancing.

“I mean, I wouldn’t call myself a fiend. I’m a fiend in the sense that I love it. I’m an enthusiast, and a much better dancer than I was, but it’s very difficult, salsa dancing,” said Jones. “I wouldn’t be afraid to go salsa dancing, let’s put it that way.”

<p>Dianna Agron, Lena Dunham and Rashida Jones</p>

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<p>Agathe Bonitzer</p>

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<p>Du Juan</p>

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<p>Gabrielle Union</p>

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<p>Imogen Poots</p>

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<p>Lupita Nyong’o</p>

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<p>Michelle Dockery</p>

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