LEPORE’S CROWD: Nanette Lepore attracted such celebrities as Stanley Tucci, Kristin Chenoweth, Kelly Rutherford, Erica Dasher and India de Beaufort to her show Wednesday morning. Tucci, who arrived at the show with his fiancée, Felicity Blunt, (Emily Blunt’s sister), said his new movie, “Hunger Games,” where he plays interviewer Caesar Flickerman, will be out next month. He’s also got another movie, “Jack the Giant Killer,” coming out in March 2013. A front-row regular at Lepore’s shows, Tucci said it would be nice if she did a men’s line, but then he’d have to look at men coming down the runway, “and it’s not as much fun.” Chenoweth stars in a new TV series, “GCB,” that debuts March 4, where she plays a villain “who prays for everybody.” What’s great about the role is she gets to wear Dior, Valentino and Prada. “It’s heaven,” said Chenoweth. “In ‘Pushing Daisies,’ I spent 24 hours in a waitress uniform, so I’m excited.”

Meanwhile, overheard walking into Nanette Lepore’s show: Ellin Saltzman was getting a bottled water and offered some to the people walking in near her. “I always wanted to give something to Bloomingdale’s,” said Saltzman, as she handed a bottled water to Bloomingdale’s vice chairman Frank Doroff. “How about markdown money?” joked Doroff.

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