LOVE’S BRIGADE: “Get back! Get back!” a burly security guard barked at the mob of photographers insulating the Jonas Brothers sitting front row at the Richard Chai Love show on Wednesday. The trio smiled unphased then turned to chat with seatmate Zachary Quinto. Close by, Nicola Formichetti discussed his recent unplugging from technology. “I just got back from my digital detox. I went to Hawaii for three weeks with no phone and no computer,” he said. “I highly recommend it. You realize the world goes on without you. It’s very humbling.” A few seats away, Christina Ricci disclosed her light fashion week schedule. “The only other thing I’m planning on going to is the Thakoon show. Richie and Thakoon are both really good friends of mine so,” she said. “Richie’s” other close friend Phillip Lim sat further down the line. “I go to this every season,” he said. “I appropriate time for this show. Though, it is crunchtime and I’m feeling crunched!”

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