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HOW SOON IS NOW?: “Am I here too late? Am I in trouble?” a smiling Sir Paul McCartney teased his designing daughter Stella as he arrived backstage at her fashion show Monday morning, where her children, and those of model Natalia Vodianova, zipped around giggling.


The musician said he was working on a film of his Citi Field concert over the summer in New York City. “I’m thinking about doing some concerts in Europe,” he added. Squeezed between McCartney and Charlotte Rampling, Gwyneth Paltrow threw some shoulders to the hip-hop soundtrack and pointed lustily at a long turquoise dress that made its way down the runway.


“I am getting ready for an independent film in Texas in January,” she noted before the show. Copies of Ever Manifesto, the eco-magazine Charlotte Casiraghi helped establish, were left on seats. Casiraghi said more projects are planned for the newly born publication, which features articles on fashion and art from an environmentally friendly perspective. “We will announce them on the website soon,” she said.


Fresh from her role in Quentin Tarantino’s hit “Inglourious Basterds,” Melanie Laurent is packing her suitcases for a month-long stay in Los Angeles, where she’s working in Mike Mills’ next movie, starring alongside Ewan McGregor. “It’s a great part,” she purred. Meanwhile, German artist Andreas Gursky had cameras stationed high above the runway, and tucked in behind the bleachers. He said he’s been training his huge lenses on the Paris shows since last March as part of a “fashion project” that will culminate in an exhibition.

<p>Dasha Zhukova and Charlotte Casiraghi</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

<p>Sir Paul McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

<p>Charlotte Rampling and Twiggy</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

<p>Vahina Giocante and Melanie Laurent</p>

Photo By: Stephane Feugere

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