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CONCRETE TIME: Girard-Perregaux is paying homage to famed architect and writer Le Corbusier with the release of three limited edition timepieces.

Set to hit stores Tuesday, the Vintage 1945 Le Corbusier collection nods to materials Le Corbusier used throughout his career such as concrete, wood and steel.

The first, and most expensive watch of the trio at $53,000, is named after the architect’s birthplace and headquarters of the Swiss watchmaker, La Chaux-de-Fonds. The watch includes a bas-relief of mother-of-pearl dial and a pink gold case.

The second watch, called Paris, retails for $21,300, includes a steel case with a hand-engraved dial that depicts the human form, reflecting Le Corbusier’s use of the Modulor system of architectural proportion.

Lastly, Girard-Perragaux will unveil its Marseille watch, which makes use of concrete. The concrete dial, which is encased in steel, required three days to pour, dry and hand finish.

Selling for $31,900, the watch pays tribute to the cement used in Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse, a housing unit built by the architect in Marseille, France. The famous residential unit has inspired similar buildings throughout Europe for its construction in rough-cast concrete.

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