GIRL TALK AT BASSO: “This is full-on lady gridlock,” one scribe said, shaking his head, as Dennis Basso’s socialite friends lunged to air kiss each other before his show Tuesday. “It’s going to be tough to break up these ladies.” He wasn’t kidding. Brooke Shields, Carol Alt, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Jennifer Creel, Suzanne Johnson, Jill Fairchild and Jamie Tisch were among the many socials on the scene.

Catching up with Alt, Dell’Orefice posed for Bill Cunningham, boasting of the pants she wore, “These are Banana Republic.”

Hoda Kotb of the “Today” show was asked to size up the latest talent on the talk show scene — Queen Latifah, Arsenio Hall, Bethenny Frankel and Kris Jenner. “I always like it when some new blood gets in the mix. The world is littered with talk show hosts, but for some reason some of them don’t catch fire. I think you have to have a little bit of magic,” Kotb said, “Bethenny is kind of irreverent and a little edgy with a niche because of all the reality stuff. That to me has potential. Meredith [Vieira] will hit a home run. I would bet my life on it. “

Shields, who has been pitching in on-air at “Today,” said she never expected to enjoy it as much as she does. “I feel like I’m back in college. They give you a list of things you have to read. Sometimes you have to read a book in a night because you’re interviewing so-and-so. I appreciate that kind of work because that’s how my brain works,” said the former Princeton student. “It’s been a lot of fun but I still work with Foster Grant and La-Z-Boy. And we’re pitching a sitcom in another week or so. Hopefully, they’ll like it. And if they don’t, I’ll do something else.”

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