GLENN BECK GOING BLUE: First Justin Timberlake, then Kellan Lutz and now Glenn Beck. The conservative political commentator is the latest celebrity to try his hand at designing T-shirts and jeans with a new label called 1791 Denim. More than a year after vowing to never slip on another pair of Levi’s in protest to the storied jeansmaker’s ad that used images of youths facing off police in a street protest, Beck is partnering with designer Tim Didonato and Mercury Radio Arts to sell online the $30 unisex graphic T-shirts, $85 men’s rugby shirts and fleece hoodies, and $129.99 men’s jeans made of Cone Denim’s ring-spun selvage fabric. Touting a “Made in America” spin, the jeans are cut and sewn in a Kentucky factory that dates back some 90 years.

Like many celebrity-turned-designers, Beck makes a point to acknowledge his close involvement with the creative process, from conceiving the jeans to tweaking the stitching, buttons and rivets. After all, as a narrator intones in a video for 1791 Denim, “These were the first American blue jeans…built at a time when things were timeless, a time when you knew things would last, a time when people worked for their dreams and their dreams worked for them.”

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