SLAYING A VAMPIRE: Gov. Jerry Brown is trying to diminish California’s regulatory morass. Brown, who discussed the problems facing the country’s most populous state with Michael Milken during the Milken Institute’s State of the State Conference on Thursday at The Beverly Hilton, said he is first reviewing regulations covering the environment, energy permitting and education to determine what can be excised, but he cautioned the process won’t be easy. “When you want to get rid of regulation, it is like killing a vampire,” said Brown. And he added that not all regulations are bad, citing his recent signing of a law that bans tanning bed use by most teens. “They don’t think by the time they are 73 they are going to get some carcinoma on their nose,” said Brown, indicating where he had a cancerous growth removed earlier this year. The governor also discussed the pension system and immigration at the conference, stating his preference for restrictions on visas for “talented foreigners” to be eased and that he will soon be proposing a package a pension reforms, some of which could be put to a public vote. “I won’t take my pension until I solve the pension problem,” he pledged.

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