NAME BRAND: Donning a glistening Pucci dress and earrings, shoes and a handbag from her accessories line, Ivanka Trump came out to Macy’s Herald Square Tuesday night to officially launch her debut fragrance, called Ivanka Trump. The appearance, held in the department store’s newly opened second floor HSQ Cafe, generated $15,000 in fragrance sales, according to insiders. Shoppers who purchased the eau de parfum licensed by Parlux Fragrances Inc., for $78, were gifted an additional travel-size bottle, a limited-edition tote bag and the opportunity to take photos with Ivanka and sit in on a Q&A.

“I think with fragrance you have to make sure it very closely matches the personality of the wearer,” said Trump, who was back to blonde after experimenting with a brunette look for about a month. “I start with myself in terms of what I want to wear and how I live and really that means something that has a strength paired with a femininity. [I want a scent] that is transitional, that can take me from morning, playing on the floor with my daughter [Arabella, 19 months] to an afternoon of meetings out to dinner with my husband [Jared Kushner].”

Trump also talked about her father’s influence on her career and the greatest piece of advice he imparted. “Very simply he’s told me you can never be great unless you love what you do, so work really hard to identify what that is,” she said. “I think it’s great advice, especially as I get older. Every day I see people who are doing things that aren’t bad, but they certainly aren’t driven by passion and I think that’s a tough way of going through life. It’s exciting to wake up every day and love what I do and I give him a lot of credit for that.” She then touched on the expanding empire of Ivanka Trump-branded products, which span fashion, shoes and accessories, and will soon include home and kids. “My grandmother [said to me], ‘You have shoes, you have coats, you have clothing, you have fragrance, you have sunglasses, handbags and home coming out, do me a favor, don’t go into gloves and scarves because I’ll never have anything to gift you over the holidays,’” said Trump. “She’ll be very unhappy that I’m shortly going to be announcing that category.”

Looking to the future, Trump said, “I have to round it off with kids wear, because there’s so much I want to design for my daughter, so that’s where I’m setting my sights next.” Regarding her daughter’s emerging personal style, Trump said, “she’s cute because she’s got a little tomboy personality but she’s not afraid of lace. She wants to dress up like a real girl and then play with trucks. I wonder where she got it from.”

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