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Justin Timberlake’s William Rast line may be inspired by “a new America,” but as it turns out, the singer met Barack Obama long before he became president.

“I met him a long time ago in Los Angeles,’ he said, “I’m a huge fan of his.”. Timberlake said he was also invited to the inaugeration in January.

“It fell on my mother’s birthday, so I was almost positive they would understand,” he said of missing it.

Meanwhile, as he waited backstage for his first show at the Bryant Park Tents to begin, Timberlake admitted he was nervous.

“I’m more nervous for the runway show than I am for a live show,” he admitted. “For a concert, I’m in full control, I have the mic and can control how people feel, but for the runway, it’s out of my hands, I just check the models and send them out there and let people receive it the way they receive it. I just come out at the end and hope for the best.”

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