Norma Kamali Launches Campaign for a Cause

The designer is out to stop the objectification of women.

KAMALI’S CAUSE: Norma Kamali launched a campaign Thursday to stop objectification of women. She unveiled the Web site stopobjectification.com and is asking women to post their most powerful body part, with an empowerment statement.

In a letter on the site, Kamali writes, “As a fashion designer, since 1967, I have seen women taken under by feeling not pretty enough, thin enough, or in the right fashion. Decade after decade I wondered why we are so easily undone and I realize now that objectification is the main reason. Objectification is experienced in the workplace, and the home, and in all types of media and advertising. The most common, especially in a city like New York, is objectification on the street.” She’s asking women to turn the camera around and take the photo and post it on her Web site.