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HAIR-RAISING: Models sporting outfits made with human hair strutted down a Paris runway Monday night to present Charlie Le Mindu’s spring-summer “haute coiffeur” collection. Hair dangled from sleeves, hats, necklines and skirts in the black-and-white-colored line, called Metal Queen. It took a cue from female musicians, such as Lee Aaron and Nina Hagen.

“I wanted to do a collection that was inspired by the women who scare me and have a lot of charisma. So that’s why the models look like kind of sexy monsters — I want them to scare men,” said Le Mindu.

He added all of the pieces were difficult to conceive, but the hardest was a skirt with hair spiking from it. “Because it’s hair, to get it to stay is quite difficult,” explained Le Mindu.

For the creations, he used extensions from Hairdreams.

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