Diego Della Valle Makes a Pointe

Tod’s chief unveils a conceptual art video with La Scala ballet dancers reinterpreting the brand's craftsmanship.

Ballerinas at Teatro La Scala

Tod’s chief Diego Della Valle is at it again. On Thursday, he unveiled a conceptual art video that shows La Scala ballet dancers reinterpreting the brand’s craftsmanship. Showcasing the five-minute film in China and Japan, something the partners plan for late October to early November, will help the “Made-in-Italy” message tackle through. “When it comes to quality and culture, we are second to no one,” Della Valle asserted. The film, called “An Italian Dream,” features 13 dancers from La Scala who mimic the steps that go into making a Tod’s shoe, like cutting, hammering and stitching the raw hides, on the theater’s stage and surroundings. Della Valle’s only lament was that he isn’t a ballet performer. “Dancers give a performance that is far from my physical capabilities; I was a bit jealous,” he said.