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GIRL TALK: Veteran models Jenny Shimizu, Caroline de Maigret and Hannelore Knuts – along with actress Joanna Preiss and newcomer Valerija Kelava – modeled men’s outfits they selected in Saturday’s Kenzo show.


De Maigret confessed she regularly borrows clothes from her partner Yarol Poupaud, with whom she runs Bonus Tracks Records. The rangy model is being cast in both women’s and men’s campaigns, recently switching from a Laura Mercier cosmetics ad to a Hermès men’s wear shoot. “It’s almost like belonging to a third sex,” she remarked.


Preiss said she was putting the finishing touches on her as-yet untitled directorial debut, shot in Siberia last fall, while Knuts is preparing to jet off to Costa Rica for a vacation, after recently designing a handbag range for Delvaux. “The only project I’m working on now is my yoga headstand,” she joked.


In the front row, Andy Gillet said he has recently ploughed his way through the reputedly indigestible seven tomes of Marcel Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past.” The actor plays Robert de Saint-Loup, the narrator’s best friend, in a two-part French television adaptation of the classic. “I was a bit scared to begin, but in fact it was like a drug for three months – I had to have my four hours of reading every morning,” he said.

<p>Caroline de Maigret and Joanna Preiss backstage at Kenzo</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

<p>Hannelore Knuts backstage at Kenzo</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

<p>Jenny Shimizu backstage at Kenzo</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

<p>Finale of the Kenzo men’s wear show in Paris</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

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