Matthew Williamson Teams Up With Benefit Cosmetics

The designer has created a makeup palette created in conjunction with the brand dubbed The Rich Is Back.

NEW COLORS: Matthew Williamson jetted into New York on Monday for a whirlwind visit, but not to attend the Met Ball. Instead, the London-based designer was in town to introduce his newest project, a makeup palette created in conjunction with Benefit Cosmetics dubbed The Rich Is Back. Consisting of three neutral shimmer shadows and a pop of teal, plus a cherry lip gloss, blush and mascara, all housed in a kaleidoscopic box with peacock feathers and pink flowers, Williamson took his inspiration from the decade of Benefits’ inception, which happens to be his personal favorite: the Seventies.

Benefit’s humorous approach is also perfectly in sync with his. “They take a slightly irreverent, tongue-in-cheek approach,” said the designer. “And the optimism expressed in the brand is something I like to do in my work.”

That being said, though his fashion aesthetic tends towards the colorful and embellished end of the spectrum, Williamson prefers a more circumspect look when it comes to beauty. “I’m definitely of the mind-set less is more,” he said. Priced at $34, the kit will launch later this month exclusively at Sephora.