PICTURE THIS: Giorgio Armani turned to director Luca Guadagnino for a three-minute film, called “One Plus One,” to illustrate his spring collection. Filmed in Italy’s Mantua and Cremona, close to Armani’s hometown of Piacenza, the short is “the story of a suspenseful and unsettling love triangle,” said the company. “Today, fashion needs to open itself to new languages,” said the designer. “Cinema is the form of expression I have always felt the closest to. Working with Luca Guadagnino, I have had the opportunity to transform the atmosphere of my collection into a story, and it has been a stimulating experience.”

The “I Am Love” director, who said he took cues from his peer Chantal Akerman, developed a crescendo throughout the movie, until a mystery is solved at the end. The interior scenes are filmed in Cremona’s Museum of the Violin, a standout rationalist building. The film stars Milou Van Groesen, Diego Fragoso and Vinicius Sales.

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