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POOLSIDE GLAMOR: Wearing a voluminous black Giambattista Valli dress, rising French actress Fanny Valette couldn’t have stood out more at the gritty, abandoned swimming pool where John Galliano held his men’s show Friday night. “It’s mind-blowing; it fits perfectly with his style,” Valette said as she surveyed the graffitti-splattered venue. The César-nominated actress is turning into a fairy for her role in “Prince Charming ne cours pas dans la rue” (in English: Prince Charming doesn’t walk in the streets). She also plays the lead female role in “A Bloc,” a comedy set in a hospital. “I play a nurse who’s not very gifted who’s also a kleptomaniac,” she grinned. Earlier at Kris Van Assche, French actress Julie Gayet, who wore Assche’s designs throughout Cannes, continued to trumpet the label for her next movie, the thriller “Indélébile”. “I told (director) Grégoire Vigneron that the men have to wear Kris Van Assche,” she declared before nipping backstage.

<p>Fanny Valette at John Galliano</p>

Photo By: Francois Goize

<p>Julie Gayet at Kris Van Assche</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

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