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PRADA’S POSSE: While it was said to have been a last-minute decision by Miuccia Prada to have actors close her show, she nonetheless managed to recruit quite a power troop, including Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, Tim Roth and Adrien Brody. Asked if they were all doing vodka shots together before walking in the show to calm their nerves, Oldman replied: “No, not at all, we were drinking water. We’re very clean living these days.” So how was the experience? “The space was amazing, it sort of felt like walking around some emperor’s palace, and I felt very confident in the clothes. I’m wearing a waistcoat under this, so I felt very held in,” he said, patting his chest.

When asked about all the buzz that he will be among this best year’s Oscar contenders for best actor for his role as George Smiley in Tomas Alfredson’s Cold War spy thriller “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” Oldman replied: “Well I was excited about the Golden Globes and that didn’t happen so I’m not counting my chickens — what will be, will be.” But if he is nominated, surely he’ll need something to wear? “If I do go, I’ve been a Paul Smith man for so many years, I feel a certain loyalty to him,” said Oldman, adding that Smith was initially a consultant on the movie for the costumes’ fabrics. “We also did a photo exhibition around the film, with behind-the-scenes photos that I took with my Widelux [camera],” he said, adding that the show, which recently opened in London, is due to travel to Berlin in a couple of weeks.

Dafoe compared the experience to a theater performance, “taking cues from the audience.” The actor said they were simply told the direction to walk, but there had been no rehearsals.

Jamie Bell said it was “a lovely experience,” although he was “not too sure where to look.” Emile Hirsch confessed he was “nervous” before stepping on the runway, “but actors are used to doing their job under pressure.”

Prada chief Patrizio Bertelli walked by looking like the cat that got the cream as Brody enthused: “It was terribly fun because of this outfit that is so specific of a character. Music was also an inspiration.” When told that Miuccia Prada said before the show that he was “eccentric” and fearless about wearing unusual clothes, he added: “Being an actor you must have a sense of humor and be playful. And brave to be different from yourself even in your sense of style.”

<p>Willem Defoe</p>

Photo By: Piero Cristaldi

<p>Adrien Brody</p>

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<p>Gary Oldman</p>

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<p>Tim Roth</p>

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